Bresaola Gran Fesa

Bresaola Gran Fesa Bresaola Gran Fesa Bresaola punta d'anca Gran Fesa is our bresaola with the largest sizing and caliber. It is made from the punta d’anca cut of fine bovine breeds like Charolaise and Limousine, it is processed and aged in respect of Rigamonti’s [...]

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Brisaola Brisaola Francesco Rigamonti Brisaola is not pressed nor bagged but simply hung to preserve its original shape and become tender and delicate to the palate. It is the best result of our experience in meat processing and aging. It enshrines all the passion we have for this [...]

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Pancetta Pancetta Sweet or smoked, Rigamonti pancetta is a true delicacy. Obtained exclusively from lean pork, and worked according to a local tradition, sweet Rigamonti pancetta is distinguished by its white pinky appearance, for its slightly spicy aroma and for the particularly delicate fragrance. The [...]

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Speck Speck Speck Rigamonti is produced according to the ancient tradition of masterfully cured meat producers of Alto Adige from selected hindquarters of lean pork, carefully trimmed, boned and worked open, leaving the muscle intact. The salting process is performed with the addition of salt [...]

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Roast Beef

Roast Beef Roast Beef A new specialty by Rigamonti available in two variations: English-style Roast Beef prepared according to the traditional and tasty English recipe which has always been highly appreciated and Black Angus Roast Beef made with the best meat of the prized Black [...]

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Fiocco della Valtellina

Fiocco della Valtellina Fiocco della Valtellina Born almost a century ago from a recipe which has remained the same over time, fiocco of Valtelllina is a dry-cured ham prepared with the heart of pork hindquarters without the bone, selected with the right percentage of fat [...]

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Bresaola Black Angus

Bresaola Black Angus Bresaola Black Angus Bresaola Rigamonti Black Angus is a specialty produced with the finest meat obtained from one of the oldest and finest cows of Scottish origin. Unique in its genre, and the fruit of a brilliant intuition of Rigamonti, it is ideal for true [...]

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